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Project Management

Would you like to renovate or refurbish your home but you don't know where to start and who to call? Do you find it challenging to communicate with local builders or authorities? Maybe your project is quite big or you don't have time or experience to manage all the different providers? Don't worry, you are in good hands.

Building Plans



Are you thinking about bathroom and kitchen renovation, remodeling of your space, or total reno and reconstruction? You should gather your ideas, think about the scope of the project and your budget. Do you want a budget friendly materials, or you want to spice it up with high end designer elements? Is your idea simple or we have to involve the architects? Do you know where you want your furnitures, or your electrics and appliances, or you need a designer to inspire you? When you have it more or less clear, it's time for us to execute the plans, prepare the offers for different stages, and the documents for the licence.


Documents and Permisions

When we agree about the scope of the project, finishes and the budget, you can step back and leave everything in our hands. We will prepare all the necessary documents and licences and save you a headache of dealing with bureaucracy.

Signing Contract


Coordination and Executing

When we get the green light from the authorities, it's dance baby! Some steps are more demanding, some less, more time consuming or less. The most important thing is coordination between everyone involved in your project, from suppliers to builders. It means a world to have good partners, otherwise it can feel like your toes are being stepped on. But hey, we are here to protect your interests and keep the things on track. We work only with experienced people that know and respect their job.



When the work is done, it's time for last check up and final touches. We are always making sure that everything is up to our clients expectations, as the most of our work comes from our happy clients recommendations.

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