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Empty Beach

About Us

Hi there! 

Our company is established by the people who decided to change their surroundings, and dare to do what their heart desires and  follow their path all the way to the Costa del Sol.  We understand how big of a step it is to buy and invest in your home away from home, and how much effort and struggle that can imply, especially when one is not yet integrated in the local society. We made our way through, and now we want to use all our capacities to make your way easier.

We speak local language, and have established great contacts and work closely with local officers, builders, lawyers, real estate people and service providers. We can help you answer your questions and remove the doubts and headaches. We also understand that summer home can be a bit heavy on the budget and that is why we found the way to turn summer homes into investment opportunity. Cause why not! Don't wait for "better tomorrow", make it!

Click here to check our services and let's talk! Can't wait to hear from you.



P.S. We talk English, Swedish, Spanish and Serbian ;)



Hola, Hello, Hej, Ćao!

My name is Alexandra

I am master in economics with very structured but creative mind and visualisation power. I see the potential in every project and love to make ideas become reality.

Fun fact: I love DYI projects. 

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Hello, Hej,

My name is Mikael.

I have experience in big commercial and renovation projects, I am very atent to details and want to implement Swedish standard and quality in Costa del Sol.

Fun fact: I am a big car enthusiast. 

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